Uchebno-trenirovochnyi seminar Aikido Aikikai v Minske

Uchebno-trenirovochnyi seminar Aikido Aikikai Tagirov V.T. 6 dan Aikido Aikikai

Seminar Tagirova V.T. v Nijnevartovske

23-24 marta 2019 goda v Nijnevartovske proshel ocherednoi seminar aikido pod rukovodstvom Tagirova V.T. (6 dan aikido Aikikai)

Uchebno-trenirovochnyi seminar Aikido Aikikai v Permi

Uchebno-trenirovochnyi seminar Aikido Aikikai Gadjiev Z.A. 6 dan Aikido Aikikai

Mejdunrodnyi uchebno-trenirovochnyi seminar Aikido Aikikai

XXVI Mejdunarodnyi seminar Aikido Aikikai Eidzi Kacurada Sihan Aikido Aikikai Raspisanie 20.06.2019 chetverg  - Registraciya uchastnikov seminara  Vremya registracii: s 10.00 do 21.00 Adres registracii: st.m. «Pionerskaya», alleya Polikarpova, d.1,  «AKAA», «Ten-Chi» dodze, tel....

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Association of Aikido Aikikai Clubs (AAAC)

Association of Aikido Aikikai Clubs (AAAC)  is a result of the collaboration in development of the Aikido Aikikai. This cooperative work started in 1980s and formed by 1990 in Saint-Petersburg  with direct participation of Zaurbek Gadzhiev, Vladimir Tagirov and numerous group of co-thinkers from post-Soviet countries (Belarus, Lithuania, Uzbekistan and Ukraine). Main principles, foundation and training process organization are strictly based on the teachings of Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido) and his followers. This line is constantly maintained by founding members and AAAC participants.
Nowadays AAAC members are more than 16 dojos and local Aikido Federations. AAAC has Hombu Dojo (the center of Aikido throughout the world) Official Recognition in accordance with rules set forth in the International Regulations of Aikido World Headquarters.


Association of Aikido Aikikai Clubs - official representative of World Centre Aikido Aikikai Hombu Dojo